4 Great Benefits Of Insulation In The Home

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March 12, 2017
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4 Great Benefits Of Insulation In The Home

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With summer around the corner and the rainy days of California nearly behind us it’s time to start to think about cost effective and energy efficient ways to cool the house down during the summer months. To increase the comfort of your home environment, adding insulation to your home is one of the greatest ways you can do to regulate the temperature of your home. You would be surprised at the multiple benefits insulation can bring to your life. We specialize in this area at So Cal Remodeling DBA and So Cal Heating and Air Conditioning in Covina, CA, and if you’re not satisfied with our service, we also offer services of air conditioner rebates in Covina, CA. Here are 4 reasons that you may not know about why you should consider insulation:

Increases sound control

A benefit of adding insulation to your home that you may not be currently aware of is that adding home insulation to an existing home increases the overall sound control. Insulation creates a sound barrier that helps to keep unwanted sounds out and helps to protect the privacy from inside your home so that it can’t be heard from the outside. That’s right. Your child practicing on their drum set after school could potentially not echo through the walls and into the neighbor’s backyards anymore.

Creates a moisture barrier

By insulating your home you are also helping to create a moisture barrier around your property that can help to keep unwanted moisture out of your house and helps to prevent water from entering the wall cavities. This is essential all year around when it begins to rain, or for various other reasons why moisture could enter your home and potentially save you a fortune in damages if you prevent it early!

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Reduce the bills

If you want to substantially reduce the energy costs in your home, decrease the amount of energy that you use. By adding insulation you are doing exactly that, Insulation helps to regulate the average temperature indoors, making it easier to conserve the heat during cold weather and vice versa. Unless your home was specially constructed for energy efficiency, most older homes have less insulation than homes that are built today. It might cost more at the beginning but by adding that insulation it will pay itself off within just a few years.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

It’s hard to deny that the safest indoor air quality possible should be on the top of the list for the health of your family. Depending on how much insulation you put in your home, where it’s placed and how the air is moved throughout the home, you can help to diminish any possible health hazards in the air.
Knowing which insulation to get can be confusing at first but having the right experts to walk you through the process makes it all that easier. We at So Cal Remodeling DBA and So Cal Heating and Air Conditioning have been serving the San Bernardino County and Greater Los Angeles Area with our two main goals: Saving you money and increasing the overall comfort levels within your home. We offer not only installation, repairing and maintenance services, but also air conditioner rebates in Covina CA.

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