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November 3, 2016
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Air Conditioner Rebates Ontario CA

Rebates and Financing from SoCal Remodeling

At SoCal Remodeling, we offer a free energy assessment for your home’s current use for your heating and cooling needs. Modern HVAC systems are built with several interacting components, so a number of common issues with those parts can cause your system to run less efficiently. You may be spending more money each month than necessary on your energy bill, and one of our knowledgeable technicians will let you know which adjustments they can make to improve the performance of your system. A good number of Southern California homeowners have lower performing air conditioners without being aware of it. We also offer some of the best air conditioner rebates Ontario CA residents can select.

An efficient air conditioning system is a must for the hot Los Angeles summers, and many homeowners experience increases in their monthly bills during this time of the year. Upgrades to parts of your HVAC system will help keep these costs under control, and replacing an older system may be in order for some homes. We have various options for assisting you in covering the cost of a new air conditioning system. Financing is available for both new heating and air conditioning systems, largely based on individual credit ratings and on the square footage of each property. We’re a participating contracting company in the HERO financing program, which offers a variety of payment options for different types of residential HVAC systems.

Our company is also part of the California First Financing Program, which will ease the initial expense of air conditioning system improvements. The application process takes only a short time, and you can complete it right on the SoCal Remodeling website. Our technicians are on call to answer any further questions as well. When it comes to air conditioner rebates Ontario CA homeowners are encouraged to ask for more information about the ones currently available to them.