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November 3, 2016
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November 3, 2016
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Get Ready for the Holidays with the Heater Repair Service Norco CA Trusts

The holidays are almost here and while So Cal likely will not be welcoming snow on rooftops or ice across the water, what we will be welcoming is that traditional California Christmas with memories by the tree, joy in our hearts and that inevitable reaching for the second blanket on the sofa. Before the holiday season arrives, let So Cal Remodeling, the heater repair service Norco CA trusts, help you get ready for magic of Christmastime. We can help to ensure that the atmosphere inside of your holiday home is welcoming, warm and filled with the comfort that comes from going home.

We Offer Free Assessments…

We understand that the holidays can leave you paying closer attention to your budgeting needs. Our families will also be watching our purse strings more closely. Because we understand what it means to keep money hidden away for summer days by the bay and winter days spent unwrapping memories, we offer free assessments to help you budget and to know what you are looking at before you receive your repair.

And Special Financing to Help You Save Even More.

If you are a little afraid that you will not qualify for financing, we offer several unique programs that just might be perfect for you and your family. We are a participant in the Home Upgrade from Energy Upgrade California program, HERO financing which can assist homeowners in receiving lower utility bills and even the PACE program which enables us to fund your upfront costs for energy efficiency… the price is then repaid over a course of 25 years through your property taxes. Contact us today to learn more about applying.

Before the holiday season arrives and the kids toss pretty bows, red papers and green ribbons across the living room rug, let So Cal Remodeling, the heater repair service Norco CA loves, get you ready for the most magical time of the year. Schedule your appointment today to get started towards the holiday comfort that you are dreaming of.