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The Importance of Proper Ventilation

Ventilation is important to the overall comfort of your home. If your home is not ventilated properly, you could have unwanted smells, allergens, and other things in the airflow that disrupt your health. Your home needs to have free airflow that is uninterrupted so the home and your health can remain as healthy and damage free as possible.

Air flow controls how much moisture is sitting within your home. If you don’t have the right amount of airflow, you could have moisture collecting in the walls, the floors, and any piece of wood in the home. When moisture builds up and sits undisturbed, it can lead to mold, which can have a number of negative effects on your health and home.

Symptoms of Improper Ventilation

If you are worried about the airflow in your home, think about the following minor symptoms. Do you have irritation in your nose, throat or eyes when you are home? Do you get frequent headaches at home? Do your allergies act up once you are shut in the house? All of these symptoms could be telling you that the air flow in your house is obstructed and picking up allergens and dust along the way.

How to Provide Proper Ventilation

If you want to clean your air flow, you can first open the windows in your home and let fresh air come into the house. Exhaust fans can also help to get the air moving so it is circulating more frequently. Try having your air ducts checked and cleaned or you could even install more air ducts.

If you need help fixing the air flow problems in your house, call SoCal Remodeling today. We are happy to do a free assessment on your home and offer you recommendations that will clear up any issues you may have.