Troubleshoot Your Air Conditioner after the California Storm

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February 14, 2017
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April 20, 2017
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Troubleshoot Your Air Conditioner after the California Storm

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Weather got you down? Our area has been in the news quite a bit lately as Southern California experienced a deadly storm. You’ve probably heard it all over the news, and now that it’s over, it’s time to make sure life gets back to normal. Now is the time to schedule repairs on your split air conditioning unit to not only be ready for the spring, but also have the peace of mind that everything’s functioning after the storm.

Here are some common problems and possible fixes. If these don’t work, check with us about repairs or getting air conditioner rebates in Ontario, CA.

The unit doesn’t do anything, no matter where I set my thermostat.

If your AC isn’t working, start by turning your thermostat to cool and then auto. If it’s still not working, go to the outdoor part of your split system and take off the cover. Check if your contactor piece is pulled in and listen to see if it’s humming. If your contactor looks pulled in, you have confirmation the indoor part of your AC is probably performing fine. If this isn’t the case, check your thermostat. Your unit may have tripped a breaker during the storm. From here, you can get into a lot of technical electrical coding work or call a technician to diagnose the issue.

My AC turns on but air isn’t coming out of the vents.

Find your air handler or furnace and feel if it’s hot. You might have a motor that needs to be replaced. Air Tech AC and Heating has over 26 years’ experience helping people with issues like this one.

My AC is blowing warm air.

Usually, this is a sign you have a coolant leak somewhere in the line on your AC unit. We can patch this and refill your coolant to get the unit working, but you have no guarantee you won’t have another leak down the road. This might be a good time to also go over costs for a newer AC unit and installation cost. If you replace a leaky unit, you won’t have to worry about problems for some time and you will save money down the road by switching to something more efficient. On the other hand, you need to do the math and decide what makes the most sense. We can help!

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My energy bill is too high.

If your energy bills are going up while you’re trying to keep the home cooled to the same temperature as normal, your unit could have a clog or leaky ductwork. Check your ducts for leaks before calling to see if you can repair them yourself first. If there’s a clog in your unit, we can fix it with a maintenance appointment.

When my AC stopped working, I turned if off for an hour and got it to work again after that.

If this kind of “fix” is working, you probably have a bad motor. Typically, the outside condenser motor goes bad first, but it could be your indoor blower motor.

If you’ve tried these tips and need help, call So Cal Heating and Air Conditioning at 909-902-6090. We can get you air conditioner rebates in Ontario, CA right away.